DRAM DDR3 Technology

Product Announcement from Wintec Industries, Inc.

DRAM DDR3 Technology-Image

The development of DDR3 technology has improved speed and bandwidth and has lower power consumption than DDR2. DDR3 has become the mainstream memory technology for server and notebook applications. As DDR3 technology has matured, more applications are taking advantage of the increased density and performance of DDR3 in new system designs. Wintec DDR3 modules are available in 1.5V (DDR3) and 1.35V (DDR3L) with speeds of 800MHz to 1600MHz.

Engineers designing small form-factor high-end systems have a number of concerns such as module density and power usage. DDR3 SODIMM technology provides a perfect solution. Embedded applications such as PC104 Boards and mini ITX boards are the primary market that will use advanced DDR3 technology, ECC SODIMM modules taking full use of its features such as low-power consumption, faster and higher bandwidth. SO-RDIMMs offer the benefits of standard DDR3 Registered DIMMs which can handle larger amounts of data traffic, in the compact form factor favored by system designers dealing with space constraints. Unbuffered Non-ECC are geared for consumer applications such as Notebook/Laptop and are continuing to grow in demand.