StabiliZR™ for Best Performance

Product Announcement from Winters Instruments

StabiliZR™ for Best Performance -Image

The Winters StabiliZR™ movement is not about being revolutionary. It is about Best Design for Best Performance. Winters leads the category for engineering and manufacturing high quality dry pressure gauges with these special dampened movements to minimize the damaging effects of equipment vibration and pulsation. The result? Prolonged operating life. Accurate pressure readings. Zero concern for process media compatibility.

How can a StabiliZR™ movement extend the life of a pressure gauge?

Heavy vibration from equipment transfers to the entire pressure gauge, which is often installed above or to the side of the equipment. The vibration not only shakes the dial pointer, causing "jumps" and "fluttering" that make reading pressure difficult, but also wears down the internal gears which will quickly decrease the operating life of the gauge and erode sensing accuracy.

A common solution to lessen the harmful effects of vibration is filling the entire gauge case with liquid. However, this adds weight to the gauge while increasing the risk of leaking, and more importantly, concern for media incompatibility. A StabiliZR™ movement dampens the harmful effects of vibration and pressure pulsation by isolating the end of the pointer in a cap that is fitted with a dampening mechanism and filled with a performance compound. This will also increase the temperature limits of the entire gauge as it is no longer bound by the limits of the liquid fill.