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New Adjustable Focus laser line generator

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Laser Diode Modules are used in Machine vision to  capture images, analyze and to automate tasks such as inspection, counting,  Machine vision systems use advanced hardware and software components to perform these functions at higher speeds, reliably, and with greater precision. Also laser diode modules are used in  reading barcodes and optical characters (OCR) extensively.

3D Laser Scanning is a non-contact, non-destructive method  which  digitally captures the shape of objects using a uniform laser line.
World Star Tech provides a line of self-contained, compact lasers for machine vision, scanning applications. They are available in a range of wavelength and power and provide excellent quality uniform, thin lines for optimum image resolution. Custom mechanical, electronic and optical configurations can be designed and manufactured on request.


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Innovative Laser Solution Provider, offering product design and supply for demanding applications. All product laser systems/photonics design, development and testing are carried out in-house using the most advanced technologies and laser/photonics instrumentation Founded in 1996, we have evolved and are very active in supplying laser diode solutions for measurement, biomedical, bioanalytical applications, and are very active in process control, illumination, alignment industries.