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Single mode Ushio Red Laser diode: HL69001DG

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Data sheet

HL69001DG Laser Diode
HL69001DG is a single mode Ushio Red Laser diode in a compact TO56 package, delivering 200mW of power at 690nm wavelength. These diodes have wide range of applications, such as research and development in the life science, biomedical and quantum fields 

HL69001DG  Product Specifications:

Optical Output Power     200 mW (CW)
Lasing Wavelength     690 nm
Operating Temperature    -10 to 75°C
Transverse Mode    Single transverse mode
Oscillation mode    TE mode oscillation
Expected lifetime    MTTF  > 10,000hrs
Package    5.6 mm CAN package


• Photodynamic therapy
• Photoimmuno therapy for cancer
• Optical lattice locks in quantum technology reseatch

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