Electronic Torque Wrenches from Wright Tool

Product Announcement from Wright Tool

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Wright Tool's line of electronic torque wrenches for measuring torque values on fastening applications provide detailed, accurate information. 

The Computorq III E-WRENCH digitally displays fastener torque specification settings, torque readings and peak hold measurements on a LCD display. A keypad has selectable torque units and conversion readout in foot-pounds, inch-pounds, kilogram-centimeter and Newton meters.

Available in two drives, 3/4" (Part No. 6473) and 1" (Part No. 8473), the Wright Tool Computorq II wrench stores up to 4,000 torque values in memory. The Computorq II downloads individual torque values or stored values can be directly downloaded to a printer, computer or data logger via a modem. All seven basic engineering torque units (foot-pounds, inch-pounds, inch-ounces, Newton meters, NM, Mkg. and cmkg) are available on most models and are easily selected through the keypad.