Drying Lithium Carbonate

Featured Product from Wyssmont Company, Inc.

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The price of lithium carbonate has been rapidly increasing because of serious shortfall in supply.  While new mines are being developed, Wyssmont has focused on developing a mechanically reliable and effective equipment to dry it.

Current installations of Wyssmont TURBO-DRYER dryers have provided near continuous service, drying 75,000 lbs/day of Li2C03 from 15% to less than 0.1 % moisture. The Li2C03 particle size is very small, (100%/-40 mesh, 50%/-200 mesh), with the product loss to the dryer dust collector less than 1/2%. Drying air is heated with a natural gas fired heater to 400°F. Air is recirculated over each tray at a controlled velocity to minimize dusting.