Municipal Sludge Dryer

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The Best Municipal Sludge Dryer
Custom Cost Effective Municipal Sludge Dryer
The WYSE-DRYER™ consists of a stack of slowly rotating circular trays. Material is fed onto the top shelves. After one revolution the material is wiped onto the next lower shelves where it is mixed, leveled, and then after one revolution, is wiped to the next shelves where the operation is repeated. The trays are contained in an enclosure in which heated air or gas is circulated by internal fans. Wyse Dryer Brochure

The Wyssmont TURBO-DRYER® thermal processor has proven to be the best dryerreactor to successfully torrefy wood chips. Torrefaction of biomass is one of the most promising bioenergy technologies because it transforms a bulky biomass into a high quality product that can be readily co-fired with coal, without the need to change anything within an existing coal fired power plant.

Even, thorough, and rapid drying

Uniform inside temperature or zoned temperature regions. The closest product temperature control of any dryer possible. Can give the lowest residual moisture of any dryer.

Sludge Dryers Field Demonstrated Performance

 Usual Features

  • Reliable unattended operation with all product on Spec
  •  Safe operation without inert gas blanket
  •  Odorless operation on activated sludge
  •  Dustless Operation (no dust to surroundings)
  •  Meets criteria for making  “Class A Bio-solids
  •  Automatically adjusts to varying feed rates
  •  Lowest operating cost
  •  High on-stream time, often runs for years without shutdown for any reason
  •  Low maintenance: usually less than 1% of the capital cost per year
  •  High thermal efficiency
  •  Lowest horsepower demand of any continuous dryer
  •  Easy start-up (usually 1-2 days)
  •  Smallest foot print
  •  Accurate scale up
  •  Precise temperature control
  •  Cooling section on the bottom available
  • Outdoor or Indoor Installation


Why the Wyssmont TURBO-Dryer is the best

Wyssmont Company designs, manufactures and services its high quality, reliable TURBO-DRYER® worldwide to the chemical, specialty chemical, pharmaceutical, mineral, food and food additive industries. Wyssmont manufactures TURBO-DRYER®, continuous tray dryers, crossflows, feeders, lumpbreakers, solvent recovery dryers, multistages, laboratories and calciners.

Wyssmont's Test lab requires only a few pounds of wet material per test and the results provide direct scale up to any production capacity. TURBO-DRYER® are available for Rent to confirm test results and provide larger quantities of dried product for evaluation or test markets.