Silicon Carbide Bulletproof Sheet

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SiC ceramics have been widely used in petroleum, chemical, microelectronics, automotive, aerospace, aviation, papermaking, laser, mining, and atomic energy industries. Silicon carbide ceramics have been widely used in high-temperature bearings, bulletproof plates, nozzles, and high-temperature corrosion resistance. Parts and electronic equipment parts in high temperature and high-frequency range.

The advantages of silicon carbide are as follows:

  1. Good thermal conductivity.
  2. Not affected by corrosion;
  3. Will not melt at high temperature, no pollution to the liquid metal;
  4. Can be used to melt alloys rich in sodium and strontium;
  5. The appearance of the product will not stick to the slag, which is very simple to protect;
  6. The product has high hardness and is difficult to break;
  7. Cost-effective.