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The Differences Between Alumina and Zirconia

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In terms of performance:
1.The density of zirconia ceramics is twice that of alumina ceramics, the bulk density of zirconia is 6.05g/cm3, while that of alumina is only 3.7g/cm3. So zirconia has better compressive properties in comparison.
2.The toughness of zirconia ceramics is 4 times that of alumina ceramics. The toughness of the zirconia ceramic is excellent, which overcomes the inherent brittleness of the ceramic itself, has higher wear resistance, and greatly extends the service life of the product.
3.Zirconia parts with higher surface finish. After grinding and processing of two materials, zirconia has a higher surface finish, and the roughness can reach about Ra0.02. The surface is mirror-like, very smooth, and has a smaller coefficient of friction. But alumina roughness is about Ra0.2~Ra0.4.
4.Zirconia ceramics have excellent thermal insulation, and its thermal conductivity is less than one-tenth of the thermal conductivity of other ceramics.