Tufline Lined Plug Valves

Product Announcement from XOMOX (A Crane Co. Company)

Tufline Lined Plug Valves-Image

LOCKED IN LINER. The melt processible PFA liner is locked into cast grooves, machined slots, and cast holes in the body and plug castings. This helps prevent liner collapse in vacuum conditions and blow out in high pressure conditions in conjunction with high temperature.

CAVITY-FREE DESIGN. Cavities are absent in open and closed positions. This prevents accumulation of particulate matter and makes the valve ideal for slurry applications.

LARGE SEAL AREA. The seal is created by the interface between the plug and the body liner. The outside of the plug and the inside of the body cavity are at a 2° taper. The wedge action results in a tight shut-off. Because the seal is created due to compression, the valve is bi-directional and seals on both, upstream and downstream sides.

DOUBLE ATMOSPERIC SEAL. The primary seal is between the plug and body liner. The secondary seal is an inverted V-lip arrangement which is pressure assisted. This ensures excellent seal to atmosphere.

IN-LINE ADJUSTMENT. The three adjustment bolts in the top cover can be utilized to improve in-line sealability. These bolts have to be tightened in order to push the plug down and create a tight shut-off. Downtime can be drastically reduced.