Ink Transfer for Manufacturing Ink Jet Cartridges

Product Announcement from Xylem Applied Water Systems

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The Challenge

An Ink Cartridge Manufacturer was seeking replacements for existing Jabsco flexible impeller pumps purchased over 30 years ago. The manufacturer has been extremely satisfied with the flexible impeller pumps and decided to continue to use the same type of pumps. The original Jabsco epoxy pumps fulfilled a long life although over a 30-year period the pumps finally began to show wear and needed replacement. The process requires transferring ink from 600-gallon tanks to 5-gallon buckets.

The ITT Solution

The Jabsco Model 30510-1104 Self-Priming Pump with pedestal mounted epoxy housing was selected as the ideal direct replacement. This pump is fitted with a 90-Volt DC motor with a variable frequency drive operating up to 1,750 RPM and Viton impellers, and at 1,750 RPM the pump produces up to 5.5 GPM. The pump is also fitted with tungsten carbide seals due to the abrasive nature of ink.


• Industrial - Ink Transfer for Manufacturing

Ink Jet Cartridges

Product Features

• Self-priming Positive Displacement Pump

• Chemical Compatible

• Capable of handling abrasives

• Ease of Maintenance

• Simple Design

• Low Cost Investment & Maintenance