Jabsco's New VeraFlex™ FIP Cart System

Product Announcement from Xylem Applied Water Systems

Jabsco's New VeraFlex™ FIP Cart System-Image

Jabsco's New VeraFlex™ Flexible Impeller Pump Cart System Is Ideal for the Processing of Delicate Foods.

Motorized and a wireless remote for convenience, while delivering Jabsco's standards for quality, reliability, and durability.

Xylem-Jabsco is proud to announce the new VeraFlex™ Flexible Impeller Pump Cart System-perfect for use throughout the food processing industry. Since the introduction of its hygienic 316 stainless steel pumps in 1962, Jabsco has lead the way with the production of more than 60% of the world's flexible impeller pumps (FIPs). The minimal meshing action and low speed capability of the Jabsco flexible impeller pumps allow both viscous fluids and solid particles to pass through without damage.

Cream fillings which become easily emulsified, jams, and pie fillings which contain fruit pieces, are all handled with ease by the Jabsco FIP. Also, the FIP has the unique ability to process cheese without damage and eliminates unwanted butter granules or homogenization of the milk, significantly improving the flavor of the final product.

The VeraFlex™ FIP Cart System offers up to 60 GPM (with Variable Frequency Drive), while incorporating gentle pumping action to carefully handle thin, viscous, and particle laden fluids. The Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) adjusts the speed of an electric motor by regulating the power being delivered to provide continuous control, matching motor speed to the specific demands of the work being performed. VFDs are an excellent choice for food processing applications as they allow operators to fine-tune processes, while reducing costs for energy and equipment maintenance.

The Jabsco flexible impeller pump is extremely capable of handling the pumping challenges throughout the food processing industry and its gentle pumping action helps ensure the most delicious food, beverage, and bakery items possible.