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Compact DC Micro Motor

Featured Product from Yuyao Baida Electric CO., LTD.

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The BD90ZY120 from Yuyao Baida Electric Co., Ltd. offers unparalleled performance in a compact package. This cylindrical body motor, with its in-line shaft orientation, boasts a diameter of just 90 mm (3.54 inches), making it ideal for various applications where space is limited.

Versatile and Reliable Designed for Excellence

Whether it's powering household appliances or cordless power tools, the BD90ZY120 excels in diverse environments. With customizable design and production capabilities, Yuyao Baida Electric can tailor this motor to suit specific customer requirements, ensuring optimal performance in any application.

Key Features:

  1. Compact design for space-constrained applications
  2. Versatile usage in household appliances and power tools
  3. Customizable design options available
  4. Reliable performance for varied environments


  1. Household Appliance Industry: Enhance the efficiency and functionality of kitchen gadgets, home automation systems, and more.
  2. Cordless Power Tool Sector: Empower portable tools with dependable and efficient motor solutions, enabling enhanced productivity on the go.

Engineers seeking a powerful, compact, and customizable DC motor solution need look no further than the BD90ZY120 from Yuyao Baida Electric Co., Ltd.