A Giant Step Forward for Smaller Applications

Featured Product from ZPower, LLC

In the 1990s, the commercialization of lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries ushered in a new era of innovation. This revolutionary power source enabled the design of new products ranging from mobile consumer electronics to electric cars to sophisticated military and medical applications. Today, Li-ion batteries still play a fundamental role in hundreds of products that touch our lives every day.

Ironically, many of the products that were made possible by this revolutionary power source are now presenting demands that expose the limitations of Li-ion. Consumers today expect the next generation of devices, wearables, and other products to be smaller, safer, and longer-lasting. Li-ion batteries pose several challenges for design engineers tasked with developing this next wave of miniaturized consumer electronics.

For these smaller applications, silver-zinc is proving to be an extremely attractive alternative to Li-ion and other battery chemistries. This is especially true for manufacturers and design engineers who are concerned with four key areas:

  • Energy density and run time
  • Safety
  • Regulatory and shipping complexity
  • Device life and right to repair