ZPower XR48 Size 13 Rechargeable Battery

Featured Product from ZPower, LLC

Small On Size. Big On Power.
ZPower's silver-zinc rechargeable battery technology delivers over 40% more energy storage than other rechargeable miniature batteries.

Long Lasting
ZPower has developed a proprietary silver-zinc microbattery technology that can be recharged hundreds of times without losing significant energy.

Eco-Friendly and Safe
ZPower's batteries are one of the most environmentally responsible batteries available. They are water-based, nonflammable and fully recyclable. ZPower batteries have been tested by TUV Rheinland, passing all relevant UL2054 and IEC 62133 safety requirements.

American-Made Power & Quality
Every ZPower battery is made by American workers at our manufacturing plant in Camarillo, California.


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ZPower is dedicated to constant innovation to build and improve upon our proprietary, patent-protected battery technology. At the heart of every ZPower application is our core product: the rechargeable microbattery. Based on a silver-zinc chemistry, the ZPower microbattery delivers consistent, stable energy, is safe and environmentally sustainable and is easily scalable to multiple applications and devices across a broad spectrum of industries.

In the microbattery category, size does matter. Batteries made from silver-zinc deliver greater energy density than comparative compounds such as lithium-ion. And our silver-zinc battery can match and exceed the performance, safety and environmental benefits of any other rechargeable microbattery on the market today.