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Need a customized linear stage?

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Linear Stages
A motorized linear stage, also referred to as a motorized linear slide or a motorized translation stage, is defined as a device that provides high precision positioning along a single axis of motion. Zaber offers a wide selection of both motorized and non-motorized linear stage products. Most motorized linear stages are available with optional built-in controllers and encoders.

  • With the optional built-in controller, a motorized linear stage can share a single power supply with up to 3 devices and daisy-chain data with up to 99 devices; stand-alone controllers are also available
  • Optional motor encoders provide slip/stall detection and recovery; linear encoders add high accuracy, closed loop servo positioning
  • Up to 3500 mm travel, 300 kg load, 3000 mm/s speed

Need a customized linear stage? Our Product Customization Team is able to complete most linear stage modifications within a two-week period. Contact us with your requests.

Precision Motion Control
A complete motion control ecosystem from actuators to automated XY, XYZ & gantry systems. Integrated encoders, motors, and drivers all use a common control protocol for easy integration.

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About Zaber Technologies Inc.
At Zaber, we design and manufacture precision positioning devices that are affordable, integrated, and easy to use. Our devices are used in many different applications and markets, such as photonics and optics, life sciences, microscopy, and industrial automation.