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Linear motor XY microscope stages

Featured Product from Zaber Technologies, Inc.

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X-ADR-AE Series: Linear motor XY microscope stages with built-in controllers and linear encoders
Zaber's X-ADR-AE series microscope stages are designed as replacements for manual stages on inverted microscopes or for stand-alone operation as scanning stages. Featuring non-contact linear motors and optical linear encoders, these stages offer a leap in performance over conventional screw-driven stages, making them suitable for demanding applications where speed, accuracy and reliability are of utmost importance.

Compact controllers are built directly into the stage, saving bench space and allowing the stages to be powered and controlled through a single flex rated cable. X-ADR-AE devices also include a digital input and two digital outputs for interfacing with external systems. An event-driven trigger system allows devices to be programmed for stand-alone operation based on I/O, time, or movement stimuli.

Mounting adaptors are available for breadboards and most common microscopes. Custom adaptors and plates are available upon request.

  • 130 x 100 mm or 250 x 100 mm travel options
  • 1 nm resolution linear encoders provide 5 µm accuracy, 500 nm repeatability, and 50 nm minimum incremental move
  • Ultra quiet linear motors provide 750 mm/s top speed and are maintenance free
  • A Nucleus microscopy module
  • Supported by µManager microscopy Software
  • Built-in controller saves space and simplifies cable management. Easily connect via USB and daisy chain to other Zaber products
  • Digital IO for triggering external systems


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