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MVR Microscope made for System Integrators

Featured Product from Zaber Technologies, Inc.

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The Zaber MVR inverted epifluorescence microscope is modular and highly and configurable giving integrators the freedom to build compact and high-performance optical microscopy-based systems.

The MVR Microscope is made for System Integrators
Modular and Open Design Simplifies System Integration
The modular and open design of Zaber microscopes is ideal for system integrators. The MVR inverted microscope gives you the design freedom to quickly develop products which deliver exceptional performance and value to your customers.

MVR Integrator's Guide
The MVR microscope integrator's guide puts all the information you need to support your product development in one convenient reference. The guide helps you get the quick answers you need to make most of the MVR microscope's flexibility and modularity. It covers optical, mechanical, electrical and software integration.

Download the MVR Integrators Guide here.

Additional Integration Support
STEP files for each MVR module are available from their individual product pages. A detailed command reference for each module is available from our online protocol manual. A programming and API reference for Python, C++, C#, JavaScript, Java and MATLAB is available here.

Custom Options and Volume Production
Zaber is ready to support system integrators and OEM device manufacturers pushing the boundaries of optical microscopy-based devices with customized modules. Zaber has the capabilities and experience to support you as you progress from R&D into scaling up volume production.

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