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Modular, Automated Cellular Imaging Platform

Featured Product from Zaber Technologies, Inc.

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Modular, Automated Cellular Imaging Platform
Unbeatable Value In High-Performance Automated Microscope Modules

Zaber Microscope Advantages
  • Detailed, Unambiguous, and Actionable Images
    Capture clear and detailed epifluorescence, brightfield and phase contrast images with a highly light-efficient optical path built around industry-standard Zeiss, Nikon, or Olympus optics.
  • Rapid Iteration From Research to Production Phases
    Modular platform enables OEMs to jumpstart research with a fully functional system and easily interchange modules as needed. System developers have access to Zaber's catalogue of standard and optional modules. For streamlined integration, our modules share common software tools and both mechanical and electrical interfaces.
  • Save Money Today and Tomorrow
    Low up-front cost delivers exceptional value. Open architecture ensures no hidden long-term costs of expensive proprietary consumables or mandatory software licenses.
  • Deliver Breakthrough Speed
    Maximize your throughput with automated multi-channel image acquisition to quickly and accurately scan up to six microplates at once.
  • Save Space
    Minimize your system size to save valuable bench and incubator space.
    Minimum dimensions: 29 x 29 x 26 cm
    Minimum operating footprint for 96 well plate stage: 40 x 35 x 26 cm
  • `Build a Reputation For Reliability
    Eliminate in-field failures and deliver products your customers can trust. Zaber's proven Industrial reliability ensures maximum uptime for years to come.


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About Zaber Technologies Inc.
At Zaber, we design and manufacture precision positioning devices that are affordable, integrated, and easy to use. Our devices are used in many different applications and markets, such as photonics and optics, life sciences, microscopy, and industrial automation.