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Stepper Motors with Integrated Controllers

Featured Product from Zaber Technologies, Inc.

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The NEMA size 17 and 23 stepper motors come equipped with integrated controllers, streamlining your workflow and reducing setup time. Connecting to these motors is convenient through USB 2.0 or serial ports on your computer, allowing you to send commands via RS-232. Zaber provides user-friendly Windows software at no cost, simplifying speed and position control, adjusting device settings, and creating customized scripts. An indexed knob provides convenient manual control for versatile operation even without a computer. The motors connect to the USB 2.0 or RS-232 port of any computer and can be daisy-chained with any other Zaber products. Convenient locking, 4-pin, M8 connectors on the unit allow for secure connection between units. An optional power-off brake is available on NEMA 23 sized steppers to secure the payload across power cycles. The chain also shares power, so multiple X-Series products can use a single power supply.