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Zaber Linear Stages

Featured Product from Zaber Technologies, Inc.

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A motorized linear stage, also referred to as a motorized linear slide or a motorized translation stage, is defined as a device that provides high precision positioning along a single axis of motion. Zaber offers a wide selection of both motorized and non-motorized linear stage products. Most motorized linear stages are available with optional built-in controllers and encoders.

  • With the optional built-in controller, a motorized linear stage can share a single power supply with up to 3 devices and daisy-chain data with up to 99 devices; stand-alone controllers are also available
  • Optional motor encoders provide slip/stall detection and recovery; linear encoders add high accuracy, closed loop servo positioning
  • Up to 3500 mm travel, 300 kg load, 3000 mm/s speed

Need a customized linear stage? Our Product Customization Team is able to complete most linear stage modifications within a two-week period. Contact us with your requests.