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Sealing Solution for Aggressive Media

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Case Study:Abrasive Fluid Dispenser
Sealing Solution for Aggressive Media
Process Industries
A dispensing machine manufacturer was experiencing an excessively high volume of warranty claims due to the premature failure of their equipment in the field. It would remain operable for three weeks before the primary pumping seals would need to be replaced, thus causing production downtime for the end users of their dispensing equipment.

It was verified that when an abrasive fluid was dispensed, it significantly reduced the seal's service life. This “liquid sandpaper,” as described by the customer, had been causing the premature equipment failure. In addition to the influx of warranty claims, the brand image of the dispensing machine manufacturer was under threat.

In an effort to address the failing seal, a Territory Manager from Zatkoff Seals & Packings was called in to troubleshoot the issue. He subsequently verified that the seal material needed to be adjusted. He also reported that a comprehensive solution required a more robust seal design that would enable the seal to handle abrasive media at low and high pressure. In turn, the Zatkoff team effectively provided a new seal design made with special material and design features to do just that.

Currently, the upgraded equipment — complete with redesigned seals — is able to sustain high-performing operations without interruption for much longer intervals of time. In fact, the dispensing machine that previously needed to be serviced every three weeks for seal replacements is now running for twelve consecutive months without any reports of field failure.

Zatkoff Seals & Packings' capabilities allowed the manufacturer to improve its equipment performance, reduce warranty costs, and enhance its brand image in the market. Due to these important achievements, the manufacturer decided to integrate Zatkoff seals across its different equipment models. In using these advanced seals, they are able to achieve optimal performance while reducing supply chain and purchasing complexity, which yields additional administrative cost savings.