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RWH & 8600 Profile Double-Lip Wiper

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Parker’s RWH and 8600 style wipers are double-lip excluders sharing identical geometries for combining the actions of rod sealing and wiping. RWH wipers, available in plastic compounds, are intended for medium pressure hydraulic applications as a redundant rod seal or for low pressure systems as the sole rod seal and wiper. 8600 wipers, available in rubber compounds, are typically used for pneumatic cylinders where lower friction is required. As with the RWH wiper, the 8600 can be used in tandem with another rod seal or by itself as a dual-acting sealing/wiping unit.

IMPORTANT: When using RWH and 8600 wipers in conjunction with other rod seals, it is important to select a rod seal profile that enables pressure relief of fluid into the system, otherwise a pressure trap may form between the wiper and rod seal. Suggested rod profiles are the BT, BS, B3, 8400, 8500 and E5 u-cups.