PEEKshrink® Heat-shrinkable Tubing

Product Announcement from Zeus

Secures performance of sensitive items in challenging environments

PEEK, a linear semi-crystalline aromatic polymer, is considered the highest performing thermoplastic material due to its ability to withstand extreme temperatures, high pressure and caustic fluids. Now Zeus has taken PEEK to an entirely new level of performance with the introduction of PEEKshrink® - PEEK heat-shrinkable tubing.

PEEKshrink® provides a "shrink to fit" layer of protection for sensitive or critical components used in a variety of applications such as medical devices, electronics, telecom hardware and oil exploration equipment. The polymer's inherent purity and lubricity make it an ideal choice for analytical and life sciences applications.

An alternative to traditional protective coatings like Teflon®, PEEKshrink® is ideally suited for challenging environments where extreme heat or cold, intense pressure, chemicals, water, or dielectric interference pose a threat to wires and electrical components.

When shrunk onto components, PEEKshrink® forms an impenetrable "second skin" that is impervious to contaminants preserving the integrity and performance of whatever is inside.

Zeus' experience with PEEK in terms of material modification and extrusion has enabled them to elevate several key performance attributes of PEEKshrink®, giving design engineers more options of standard as well as customized sizes, tolerances and shrink ratios for a range of projects. Let them show you what Zeus can make PEEKshrink® do for you.


  • Electrical component covering
  • Medical device protection
  • Wire/cable encapsulation or insulation
  • Impact and wear resistant insulation
  • Mandrel covering


Capabilities and Sizing

  • Available in colors for identification purposes
  • Available in cut lengths or continuous lengths, spooled
  • Consistent shrink ratios of 1.4:1 and up
  • Expanded ID range of 0.038" to 2.50"
  • Recovered wall range of 0.004" to 0.010"


Key Properties

  • High continuous service temperature (500 °F/260 °C)
  • Extends life of the protected item
  • Assures reliable performance
  • Adhesion to metals
  • Translucent recovery shrink temperature 572 °F - 644 °F (300°C - 340 °C)
  • Opaque recovery shrink temperature 680 °F - 725 °F (360°C - 385 °C)