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Product Name?G050060025
Specification:  Length: 50.0±1.0mm

                       Outer Diameter: 6.0±0.1mm

                       Inner Diameter: 2.5±0.1mm

Appearance: no stain and crack; no impurities; no oxidation.

Voltage: can be customized according to customers’needs

Electrode: Electrodes are welded with nickel wire?can be customized according to customers’ needs?
Lead tension: horizontal pull≥5KGf?Vertical tension≥3KGf
High-voltage insulation test: 3700V/1S?leakage current≤0.62mA
Insulation resistance: >100MΩ?500VDC?



It is widely used in daily life, industrial and agricultural technology, communication, medical treatment, environmental protection, and many other fields requiring medium and low temperature heating. 

In the household electric heating appliances, such as small air heating device, hair dryer, clothes dryer, heating machine, electric splint, etc.

In industry, such as industrial drying equipment, electric bonding device, liquid heaters.

In the electronic industry, such as thermostatic bath for small special crystal devices;

In medical treatment, such as infrared therapy instrument, intravenous injection heater and so on.