ZOTEK F foams are inherently flame retardant

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High performance closed cell, cross-linked fluoropolymer foam based on PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride).

ZOTEK F foams are inherently flame retardant releasing very little heat and only small quantities of smoke during combustion. They are biologically inert and offer:
•a range of densities from 30kg/m3 to 75kg/m3
•resistance to a wide range of solvents and aggressive chemicals
•thermal stability up to 160°C / 320?F
•excellent flammability resistance
•low smoke & toxicity
•resistance to UV, nuclear radiation and ageing
•high dielectric strength

The ZOTEK F range comprises:

Grades for the general industry
•ZOTEK F40 HT (High Temperature resistance up to 160?C / 320?F)
•ZOTEK F40 HT LS (High Temperature, Low Smoke) (listed to UL 723/ ASTM E-84 "Standard Method of Test of Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials")
•ZOTEK F42 HT LS ( meets FM 4910 "Clean-room Materials Flammability Test protocol") is used in the production of our T-FIT® insulation system

Grades for the aviation industry (OEM)
•ZOTEK F30 (BMS 8-371D; AIMS04-14-009)
•ZOTEK F38 HT (BMS 8-371D; AIMS04-14-009)

Grades for the aviation industry (interior)
•ZOTEK F OSU flexible, semi-rigid and rigid

Grades for the aerospace industry

ZOTEK F foams can be manipulated using conventional conversion methods, such as die-cutting, water jet cutting, sawing, laminating, and welding into continuous rolls. They can also be thermoformed into complex single component structures providing benefits over multi-layer foam systems, such as weight and cost reduction.

ZOTEK F foams are used extensively in:
•the commercial, business and military aircraft and aerospace industries where they meet the stringent industry flammability requirements
•high specification building and construction projects where UV resistance is key
•industrial applications such as chemical engineering, pharmaceutical production, and medical equipment
•semiconductor & pharmaceutical clean-room environments (sealing and insulation applications)
•the manufacturing of our T-FIT insulation system
•the electrics and electronics industries as low closure force seals

High performance foams manufactured from advanced materials

ZOTEK is the group brand name for high performance foams manufactured from fluoropolymers, engineering polymers and speciality elastomers. They are produced using Zotefoams' unique high-pressure nitrogen-expansion process. You can find out more about our proprietary manufacturing processes here

ZOTEK foams are formulated to satisfy the increasingly complex needs of high-tech manufacturers who expect outstanding performance in the most demanding conditions.

The ZOTEK range includes:
•ZOTEK F fluoropolymer foam
•ZOTEK N polyamide foam
•ZOTEK PEBA thermoplastic elastomer foam

Each ZOTEK foam is characterised by its
•consistent cell size and structure
•outstanding thermal and chemical resistance
•high strength and durability
•ease of fabrication into stable complex shapes
•suitability for the most challenging environments

With ZOTEK high performance foams you can be confident that you're getting a best in class solution for your specific requirements.

Zotefoams plc (LSE - ZTF) is a world leader in cellular material technology. Using a unique manufacturing process with environmentally friendly nitrogen expansion, Zotefoams produces lightweight foams in Croydon, UK and Kentucky, USA for diverse markets worldwide through its global sales force. These markets include sports and leisure, packaging, automotive, aviation and space, railway, healthcare, toys, building, marine and the military. Zotefoams also owns and licenses patented MuCell® microcellular foam technology from a base in Massachusetts, USA to customers worldwide and sells T-Tubes® advanced insulation systems made from its patented ZOTEK® fluoropolymer foams. Zotefoams® and ZOTEK® are registered trademarks of Zotefoams plc. MuCell® is a registered trademark of Trexel Inc. T-Tubes® is a registered trademark of UFP Technologies Inc.