E³.WireWorks:Electrical Engineering for SolidWorks

Product Announcement from Zuken

E³.WireWorks:Electrical Engineering for SolidWorks-Image

E³.WireWorks is designed to work out-of-the-box with SolidWorks Premium Routing and SolidWorks PDM Enterprise.

Essential Functions for SolidWorks Users

  • Schematic, Cable, Harness, and Control Panel Design
  • Integrated with SolidWorks Premium Routing and PDM Enterprise
  • Online Design Rule Checking reduces errors
  • Database-driven library in both ANSI and IEC standards
  • SolidWorks / E³.WireWorks bidirectional highlighting for engineering collaboration
  • Built on Zuken's E³.series – stable, proven technology with thousands of worldwide users
  • Can be used in combination with SolidWorks or Standalone
 Play E³.WireWorks:Electrical Engineering for SolidWorks Video on YouTube