HDAWG-MF Multi-frequency

Featured Product from Zurich Instruments

The HDAWG-MF option extends the number of oscillators, enhancing the amplitude modulation capabilities of the HDAWG multi-channel AWG. With the multi-frequency option, you benefit from faster waveform upload and higher flexibility in tuning the carrier frequencies. This is particularly useful for applications that require many superimposed carrier frequencies.

HDAWG-MF Key Features

  • 4 digital oscillators per AWG channel pair, instead of 1
  • Output adder for advanced modulation: digital I/Q, phase, amplitude, frequency
  • Individual frequencies up to 750 MHz
  • Independent envelopes for separate carriers on one channel: phase cycling, frequency-domain multiplexing


HDAWG-MF Upgrade and Compatibility

  • Option upgradeable in the field
  • Compatible with all other HDAWG options

HDAWG-MF Applications

  • Trapped ion quantum computing
  • Frequency-agile RADAR / LIDAR
  • NMR and EPR spectroscopy