MF-PID Quad PID/PLL Controller

Featured Product from Zurich Instruments

The MF-PID option consists of 4 configurable PID (proportional - integral - derivative) controllers. These controllers take a variety of different measurement data as the input quantity and they can provide fast feedback to a number of instrument parameters or analog output channels. Seamlessly integrated with the lock-in amplifier, the programmable PIDs enable operation in a wide range of applications such as the setup of phase-locked loops (PLLs) for the phase synchronization of two lasers, CEO stabilization and advanced AFM modes. The LabOne® PID Advisor helps to quickly find suitable parameters and displays step-responses and transfer functions to support in-depth understanding of the setup. During operation, the Auto-tune feature varies control parameters to minimize residual PID error.

MF-PID Key Features

  • 4 independent PID controllers with PLL capability
  • LabOne PID Advisor with multiple DUT models, transfer function and step-response display, adjustable target bandwidth
  • Auto-tune to minimize the residual PID error
  • 50 kHz maximum loop filter bandwidth
  • ±1024 π phase-unwrap for demodulator Θ data
  • Low pass filter for derivative branch

MF-PID Upgrade and Compatibility

  • Can be upgraded in the field, no hardware changes required
  • Compatible with all other MF options

MF-PID Applications

  • Laser frequency stabilization, fiber-noise cancelation
  • Optical phase-locked loop, e.g. carrier envelope offset stabilization (CEO)
  • Advanced AFM modes, e.g. Kelvin-Probe, Tip Protection
  • MEMS measurements, e.g. gyroscope and resonator control
  • Nano-mechanical oscillators