UHFQA Quantum Analyzer

Featured Product from Zurich Instruments

UHFQA Quantum Analyzer-Image
Thanks to its low-latency signal processing chain of matched filters, real-time matrix operations, and state discrimination, the UHFQA supports roadmaps for ambitious quantum computing projects with 100 qubits and more.
UHFQA Key Features
  • 1.8 GSa/s, ±600 MHz measurement range by single-sideband modulation
  • Parallel readout of up to 10 qubits
  • Configurable matched filters, signal conditioning, crosstalk suppression, threshold operations
  • 12 bit dual-channel input, 14 bit dual-channel AWG
  • LabOne® control software (Windows and Linux) and APIs for LabVIEW®, Python, C, MATLAB®, .NET
UHFQA Applications
  • Superconducting qubit quantum computing
  • Spin qubit quantum computing