How Sensor Faucets Work

Featured Product from Zurn Industries LLC

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What makes more sense? Choosing the right touchless technology. When it comes to sensor product actuation, you have two options—solenoid or motor-gear operation. Before we break down the differences, let’s quickly cover the mutual benefits. For the sake of simplicity, we’ll stick to restroom fixtures.

  • First and foremost, they’re touchless, whether it’s a faucet or flush valve.
  • Both allow users to wash their hands or flush the toilet without physically touching a handle or button, which helps cut down on germ transference and user concerns.
  • Both come with low-flow options to reduce water waste.
  • Both can be upgraded to connectedcapabilities, using IoT wireless monitoring for data insights.
  • Finally, both typically outlast many manual alternatives.

To sum it up, both are preferred by today’s restroom standards for efficiency and hand hygiene. Now let’s break it down further by taking a look inside the technology.