Position Metrology Systems

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Position Metrology Systems High precision non-contact solutions for stage position and absolute position metrology applications

Stage Position Metrology System
The ZMI™ displacement measuring interferometer system precisely measures relative changes in distance to a target. The system uses heterodyne interferometry technology, making it insensitive to signal amplitude changes and therefore extremely stable and robust.

OEM applications include optical lithography steppers and scanners, e-beam and laser mask writers, as well as semiconductor inspection equipment. Learn more...

Absolute Position Measurement System
The ZPS™ system provides high-precision non-contact absolute position measurement over a range of 1.2 mm on up to 64 synchronized channels. The ultra-compact optical sensors are easily integrated into high-end applications such as deformable mirrors, precision optical systems, and nanopositioning stages. The sensors generate virtually no heat and are insensitive to electromagnetic interference.