co-ax® Manifolds Reduce Cost and Complexity

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co-ax® valves inc. introduces a line of Modular Manifolds for design engineers looking to simply a media distribution system while improving performance, reducing component count, saving space, and lowering installation costs. Fluid and gas process piping systems can be difficult to simplify. A typical distribution system takes a broad range of components and multiple valves to control the flow of media and assure delivery of the right volume and pressure to individual points of use.

co-ax® valves inc. modular manifolds are designed to allow the combination of multiple valves into a single flow control system. This means valves of all different sizes, flow rates and functions (2-way, 3-way, pressure and control) can be combined to allow the distribution of a process fluid or gas to multiple use points, with each valve module connected to a common inlet manifold.

In addition, more options and greater flexibility can be incorporated with the use of separation plates. These plates make it possible to use the same manifold to control the return of the same fluid (as required by circulation systems), or to control multiple fluids or gases simultaneously.

Each valve requires installation in a space sufficient enough to allow servicing, with individual inlet and outlet fittings that are potential leak points. This can simplify maintenance, allowing each valve to be removed for service without disturbing the inlet piping or adjacent valves.

In addition to the features listed above, all co-ax® valves are designed to provide long, maintenance-free service - usually 10 times that of conventional valves. Basic systems can be easily upgraded to meet your ever-changing flow control requirements.

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