co-ax valves inc.® flow control valves

Product Announcement from co-ax valves inc.

co-ax® flow control valves are built using our proven co-axial technology, which means pressure balancing, positive shutoff, and above all dependability (designed and built for high cycle life).

Stepping motor control eliminates the need for compressed actuation air. Conventional flow control valves require compressed air because of the need to overcome forces caused by imbalanced control elements. Our pressure balanced design allows for the use of smaller, lighter electric stepping motors, reducing energy consumption, while decreasing response time.

Control via position transducer allows precise flow control of fluids and gases at pressures up to 400 bar / 6000 psi.

They are available complete with body for inline installation, or cartridge versions for installation into space saving manifolds.

Typical applications:

- Metering / dosing - Dispensing - Batching / blending - Filling / purging gas cylinders