Air Actuators by Del-Tron

Product Announcement from Del-Tron Precision, Inc.

Air Actuators by Del-Tron-Image

Del-Tron's linear air actuators (also referred to as linear actuators) are pneumatically actuated crossed roller slide assemblies controlled by a pair of Airpot air cylinders which provide extremely low friction and stiction characteristics. A light touch or physical obstruction will stop the unit's movement to prevent damage to delicate and expensive equipment and parts. Low pressure operation is possible. The PNRE series requires less than 10 psi to operate. Each slide is comprised of an aluminum carriage straddling an aluminum base. Using a bearing system containing cylindrical steel rollers, the carriage glides almost friction-free over the base. Other industry terms include linear actuators and linear motion slides.

• Crossed roller slide driven by two Airpot™ actuators
• Low friction (<1gm)
• Low pressure operation (<10psi)
• Smooth slow and high speed capability

Del-Tron Precision, Inc. was founded in order to serve the needs of automated equipment manufacturers for innovative, high quality and reasonably priced anti-friction linear bearings. For over 30 years, we've manufactured linear motion products we've categorized into nine distinct family groups. Industry terms for our products include: linear slides, ball slides, linear ball slides, linear bearings, crossed roller slides, cross roller bearings, positioning stages, linear positioners, XY stages, micrometer slides, roller slides, linear actuators, ball screw actuators, belt drives, belt drive systems, lead screw actuators, crossed roller bearings, linear motion slides, slide guides, and crossed roller tables, among others.