Energy-Saving Fans Made of Biomaterials

Featured Product from ebm-papst Inc.

Energy-saving fans made of "epylen" wood/plastic composite material

For many years, ebm-papst has been developing and producing energy saving fans for a wide variety of application areas in ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration technology. Efficient motor designs and aerodynamically optimised impeller geometries allow these fans to attain high efficiency.

In terms of manufacturing materials, for a few years now, increasing use has been made of hybrid designs (e.g. aluminium inlay combined with high-performance plastic). The new materials are more lightweight, mouldable and conserve substantially more resources in manufacture than impellers/blades made of die-cast aluminium.

ebm-papst's goal is to replace the 15% of the plastics used today with sustainable biomaterials by 2015. Using materials in a way that conserves resources makes it possible to prevent substantial amounts of CO2 emissions even during manufacturing.

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