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High Frame Rate 5MP Global Shutter Camera

Featured Product from e-con Systems™ Inc

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e-con Systems introduces e-CAM56_CUOAGX — 5MP Global Shutter Color Camera for NVIDIA Orin based on Sony® Pregius S IMX568, designed to capture fast-moving objects accurately with high precision and clarity. With decades of experience in ISP fine tuning, e-con has excelled in fine tuning the NVIDIA® host ISP, ensuring exceptional image quality.

Highlights of e-CAM56_CUOAGX

Exceptional Imaging Performance — Delivers superior image and video quality with the Sony® Pregius S IMX568 sensor and e-con’s expertise in fine tuning ISP, enhancing dynamic range and minimizing noise. Excels in low-light and NIR conditions, catering to various applications including industrial automation and medical.

Synchronized Multi-Camera Support — Enables connection of up to 4 cameras to your platform, providing wider FoV coverage. External trigger ensures precise synchronization for coordinated multi-camera capture.

Multi-ROI Capture with High Frame Rate — Achieves a maximum frame rate of up to 1164 fps through Multi-ROI capture capability, ideal for industrial automation applications, reducing motion blur and accurately capturing fast-moving objects.

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Extensive customization + Integration support

e-con Systems, with deep embedded vision expertise, provides the necessary customization services and end-to-end integration support for e-CAM56_CUOAGX — meeting all your application’s unique requirements.

We specialize in developing cameras based on any SONY® Pregius sensor, offering options with high resolution up to 20MP.