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New Camera for Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)

Featured Product from e-con Systems™ Inc

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Autonomous mobile robots are revolutionizing industrial applications such as Warehouse Management, Perimeter Security, and Patrol Robots by automating various tasks like material handling and security monitoring with minimal or no human control. AMRs are also employed in assistive robotic solutions to help elderly and disabled people in vast indoor environments.

To perceive its surroundings, An AMR requires a well-designed, high-quality camera compatible with a range of computational platforms.

The essential requirements of such camera are Reliable imaging that works in challenging lighting conditions without any detail loss.

Compatibility with platforms capable of real time vision. Durable systems - To work seamlessly in indoor and outdoor environments.

Multi camera systems for 360 degree awareness, mapping and navigation functionalities Flexible cabling options to cater to the complex structure of AMRs.

Introducing IP67 rated STURDeCAM20 from e-con Systems, reliable camera solution meeting the imaging needs of autonomous mobile robots.

STURDeCAM20 is built with 2.3 MP full HD sensor from ON Semiconductor coupled with a comprehensive ISP for extensive camera functions.

It is capable of capturing HDR images in high contrast lighting environments without any detail loss.

STURDeCAM20 is an IP67 rated product, making it suitable for rough outdoor conditions. The camera also provides throughputs capable of streaming uncompressed video data of VGA @ 60 and FHD @ 30 frames per second.

It uses the GMSL2 interface technology, allowing transmission of high bandwidth uncompressed video data reliably over a distance of up to 15 meters using coaxial cables.

GMSL connectors are lighter, have a smaller footprint, and provide flexible cable options to cater to complex dimensions of an AMR system.

The GMSL2 interface is supported by Nvidia Jetson platform known for its extensive image processing and a strong SDK support allowing rapid development of AI and Vision systems.

A single Nvidia Jetson platform can support the integration and reception of data from multiple STURDeCAM20s to enable multi-camera functionalities to AMRs.

The synchronized multi-camera stream can be used for 360-degree awareness, environment mapping and navigation functionalities.

NVIDIA platform is also capable of simultaneous recording of the multi-camera stream in standard H264 format, allowing storage
of data for future references and analysis.

Designed and developed to work seamlessly with the NVIDIA platform, STURDeCAM20 has off-the-shelf support for the Jetson development
kit and ConnectTech’s Rogue platform based on the Jetson AGX Xavier, and Rudi NX platform based on Xavier NX for rapid prototyping and deployment of diverse vision and AI solutions.

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