Cable Carriers for All Movements

Featured Product from igus® inc.

e-chain® solutions for all requirements:

ESD/ATEX: Avoidance of static charges during the manufacturing process for electronic assemblies.

FDA-compliant: Hygienic design principles - with absolutely no friction - no material rubbing against material.

Extremely quiet: Quiet, low-abrasion, vibration-free energy chains.

Long travels and extremely high traversing speed with rol e-chains®.

Circular movements up to 7000° specifically for robot applications.

Overview of requirements All energy chains for special applications.

Moving energy made easy

Today, millions of igus® e-chains® are used in applications around the world - from beverage dispensers to steelworks. They have a modular design and are easy to assemble. Not only are they resistant to various media and designed for very small bending radii, e-chains® are also ideal for confined installation spaces as well as large, heavy and rigid cables and hoses.

What are the benefits provided by energy chains from igus®?
-Gentle on the cables
-Modular, lightweight and quiet
-Energy, data FOCs, oil and air guided in one system
-Configurable online
-Predictable service life
-Little, easy-to-perform maintenance required, easy to install
-Large catalog of standard items

Assembled to your exact requirements

Our ready-to-connect harnessed energy chains reduce installation effort to an absolute minimum. The systems create optimal interfaces and increase competitive advantage. They also optimize your supply chain for energy chains, cables, connectors, hoses, hydraulics, pneumatics, steel parts, sensors, PLC, bearings, linear guides and other machine components.

Plug 'n' Play energy supply assemblies
-Logistics effort kept to a minimum
-One system, one part number
-95% less harnessing time
-Reduce assembly time
-Less machine downtime
-On-site installation - international service with 35 branches
-Special designs are possible - igus® is developing further components