Plastics as Bar Stock

Featured Product from igus® inc.

This means high quality, self-lubricating iglide® polymers can be machined into custom parts and special bearing sizes. This is ideal for maintenance managers, special purpose machinery manufacturers and plant builders who require high performance material components in non-standard dimensions, small quantities, or for test samples and prototypes.

The solid rod is available in high-quality iglide® materials not accessible anywhere else on the market as semi-finished products.

Anything machined from the bar stock automatically possesses the material properties attributable to all igus® plastics: self-lubricating, zero maintenance, dirt and dust resistance, low wear, low friction, and more. The machined plastic part will also have a predictable life when used as a bearing.

When to use it?

-When you can't find the size bearing you need in the iglide® catalog

-When you need a semi-finished product with excellent coefficients of friction and a low wear rate

-When you need an iglide® bushing in custom sizes and low quantities

When not to use it?

-When a standard iglide® bearing is available in the catalog in the right size

-When you need an iglide® bearing in a custom size and in large quantities

-When you need a semi-finished product and its tribological properties are not important.