Portable Chillers Improve Semicon Testing

Featured Product from inTEST Thermal Solutions

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Thermonics has developed a portable, low-temperature fluid chiller to improve efficiency for semiconductor strip handlers performing cold testing down to -55ºC.

The chillers have been integrated with MCT’s SH-5000 Strip Test Handler which is widely used for testing of both leaded and leadless semiconductor packages. By delivering low-temperature process fluid to the handler at a higher cooling capacity, the chiller cuts the handler ramp down time to a -40ºC test point in nearly half the time of previous systems. An automatic fluid purge option eliminates manual draining, decreasing the time to disconnect the chiller from the handler and also minimizing fluid loss during changeover.

The chiller is equipped with on-board diagnostics that help predict chiller health and avoid unexpected downtime. An intuitive touch-screen interface allows for set up of thermal profiles, viewing data and trends, and logging diagnostics. Communications interfaces include (Ethernet, RS232, USB) for remote chiller control, including web browsers on mobile devices.

For end user and OEM information on chillers contact Thermonics at +1.781.688.2300.
For information about strip-based test systems and other IC test equipment contact MCT at +1 612.436.3240.