High Throughput PCB / DUT Burn-in Chamber

Featured Product from inTEST Thermal Solutions

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Temperature chambers capable of long dwell times and wide temperature ranges (-55 to 500°C) for Electro/Stress Migration, Time Dependent Dielectric Breakdown, and Hot Carrier / Vt Stability Tests. Designed with card cages, card-slots, and access doors to simplify connecting DUT boards and driver boards with ATE test setups. Equipped with a programmable, touch-screen controller delivering 1.0°C accuracy.


  • High capacity testing, up to 60 load boards or hundreds of DUTs
  • Change DUTs without removing driver boards and test connections
  • Connect driver boards easily with slotted  pull-off door
  • Reduce condensation with dry air purge
  • Maintain uniform air flow regardless of how many boards in chamber
  • Communicate remotely - IEEE, RS232, Ethernet

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