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Robotic Applications - Risk Assessment and Safety

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When it comes to robotic projects, it’s not just the technical aspects that are important – there are also laws and standards to be followed.

Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC plays a crucial role in safeguarding health and safety. However, when robot applications are in play, it’s not enough to just stick to this one Directive. In addition to that, there are various DIN standards and possibly even internal company regulations to be followed. This is because anyone who builds a machine is responsible for its safety. This goes hand in hand with the obligation to carry out a comprehensive risk assessment for the machine – or, in this case, the robot application – and develop suitable safety concepts. The purpose of this is to identify in advance any hazards and potential health risks that might occur during operation, so they can be avoided or at least reduced as effectively as possible using appropriate safety measures. After a general introduction to robot safety, this blog post focuses on performing risk assessments on robot solutions and developing the subsequent safety concept. This will help shed some light on fundamental aspects of safe robot applications.

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