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Compact Linear Motion for Small Spaces

Featured Product from item America, LLC

Compact Linear Motion for Small Spaces-Image

Linear Unit KLE 5 40x40 LR -  A compact linear unit built into the installation space of a Profile 40x40! Linear Unit KLE 5 40x40 LR with roller guidance and dynamic timing-belt drive is designed for payloads up to 250 N and brings motion to the smallest of spaces.

Despite its compact dimensions, Linear Unit KLE 5 40x40 LR
has all the key features of item Linear Units KLE – the roller
elements run inside the profile and are concealed by the timing belt. With the exception of the carriage, all moving parts
are safely out of reach. This enhances occupational health and
safety and reduces soiling on the guides and roller elements.
Two innovations make it easier to get the system up and running, despite its compact dimensions. Firstly, when fitting the
carriage, simply loosening stop screws will automatically position two pre-tensioned roller elements on the two shafts –
with zero backlash. Secondly, to adjust timing belt
tension, all you need to do is set two spring-loaded
screws on the reverse unit so they are flush with the
casing surface.