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Ergonomic work bench design made easy

Featured Product from item America, LLC

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Industrial work benches based on ergonomic principles have been proven to boost employee productivity, consistently eliminating superfluous or harmful movements. Employees are more focused and make fewer mistakes. What’s more, these skilled and experienced employees stay in the business longer. This is exactly what the Work Bench System from item has been designed for and it offers a huge range of equipment for ergonomic working practices.

A work bench system for all your needs

Too much sitting isn’t good for your health, that’s why height-adjustable work benches make sure workers regularly move and change their working position. This improves health, most notably in assembly and shift operations. The equally adjustable chairs from the item Work Bench System effectively tackle back pain – one of the most common causes of staff illness. Lighting hasn’t been overlooked, either. LED Light Fittings produce homogeneous lighting with soft shadows, which goes a long way toward alleviating eye strain.

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