Line D30 Profiles

Product Announcement from item America, LLC

Maximum cost efficiency combined with the continuous improvement of manufacturing processes. Line D30 is extremely simple to use. Non-machined connections, simple joining and a forgiving design principle.

Significantly lighter than steel designs but still stable, thanks to the benefits of profiled tubes. Fastenings can be implemented anywhere - in the perfect position and at any angle. Furthermore, support of the item Profile 6 groove enables users to take advantage of the wide range of accessories in the MB Building Kit System.

The tubes and profiles in Line D30 have one thing in common - their basic diameter of 30 mm makes solutions incredibly rigid. It also corresponds to the modular dimension of item Profile 6, producing a whole range of opportunities for combination.

Fundamentally, Profiles D30 or Tubes D30 do not need to be processed any further in order to be able to use the fastening elements!