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Linear units with NEMA 24 stepper motors

Featured Product from item America, LLC

Linear units with NEMA 24 stepper motors-Image

Drive Sets NEMA 24  Do you need to use item linear units with NEMA 24 stepper motors? That’s no problem when using new Drive Sets NEMA 24!

Four new plug-and-play solutions ensure NEMA 24 electric motors can be connected up without any additional machining:
? Drive Set GSF 8 40 NEMA 24
? Drive Set KLE 5 40x40 NEMA 24
? Drive Set ZU 5 40 D30/D12 NEMA 24
? Drive Set 6 60 D30/D12 NEMA 24
These products ensure that item linear units with timing-belt
and spindle drives can be used directly with motors that satisfy
NEMA standard ICS 16-2001.