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Perfect Combination: Robotics & Linear Technology

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Perfect Combination: Robotics & Linear Technology-Image

In industry, pneumatic drives have largely been replaced by their electric equivalents. Due to the considerable energy and maintenance costs involved, as well as the drawbacks in terms of reliability and noise, pneumatic systems now only play a role in certain specialist fields. Companies looking to automate processes can turn to linear technology, which offers a reliable, cost-effective and future-focused solution. Robots, meanwhile, offer the opportunity to automate even more flexible motion sequences and are being used for a growing number of tasks in material handling and production lines.

Linear technology has become indispensable in process automation. The underlying concept is based on movable carriages that travel along a linear route on a support profile. Yet linear technology can do so much more than that. By combining multiple linear units, companies can implement numerous projects involving multidimensional movements, be they limited to a certain area or spanning all directions. Using linear technology from item, it is possible to create both single-axis linear units and 2D or 3D gantries. The global market leader in building kit systems for industrial applications offers a wide range of components to ensure different automation processes can be performed quickly and easily. In addition to various linear guides and carriages, as well as controllers and drives, the portfolio of this Solingen-based company also features pre-configured linear units and turnkey solutions.  

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