Engine Testing Technology 100,000 hp 100,000 rpm

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Turbines, Trains, Boats, Planes, Heavy Equipment & Vehicles.  With designs capable of absorbing up to 75,000 kW (100,000 hp) and operating at speeds up to 100,000 rpm, Kahn hydraulic dynamometers are at work in engine test facilities around the globe. 

Kahn Industries pioneered the design concept of the portable, flange-mounted dynamometer over thirty years ago. Since then, significant advances have been continuously incorporated, particularly in the areas of higher operating speeds, easier-to-use designs, improved materials, and increasingly sophisticated computer-interfaced, closed-loop dynamometer controls.  All Kahn dynamometers are inherently bi-directional and therefore do not require repositioning to switch the direction of rotation.

See examples of over 50 standard dynamometer models and many custom developed designs

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