Acoustic Emission Measuring Chain 8152C & 5125C

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Acoustic emission measuring chains are especially well suited for measuring high energy surface waves above 50 kHz in the surface of metallic components, structures or systems. Such acoustic emission results from flow perturbation, leakage, plastic deformation of materials, crack formation, fracturing, friction and fatigue. Our Kistler AE measuring chain has been covering a wide variety of application for many years. Among them non-destructive testing as well as permanent online monitoring of continuous processes in joining assemblies, cutting process monitoring, pipes/valve leakage monitoring.

The new generation of AE measuring chain allows usage in applications at higher temperatures up to 165 °C. In addition, a new ATEX certifications option allows usage in hazardous environments where explosive gas and dust is always present such as petro-chemical industries to detect leaks in piping, valve failure or flow turbulences or even coal particle size monitoring in coal power plants.

In addition, the Acoustic Emission measuring chain offers as an option for ATEX environments, the Type 5252A Wideband Zener Barrier made to operate with a cut-off frequency of >6 MHz for Type 5252A1 and >3.5 MHz for Type 5252A2. The wide bandwidth allows for the Type 5252A1 barrier to be used with the Type 8152C AE-Sensor, with a usable frequenciy range up to 1 MHz. The flat bandwidth response at high frequencies and low capacitance enables the barriers to be used in a wide range of other applications including digital interfaces (such as the RPM of a compressor/motor) and serial buses without signal degradation.